Customer Charter.

This sets out our commitments to provide our customers with service, procedures and information at appropriate stages during the purchase of a Montrose Development property. We will:


  • Provide customers with comprehensive information on their purchase in an easy to understand format to ensure that they can make an informal decision before buying a property.
  • Ensuring information is accurate, up to date and reliable for Customers to make sound buying decisions.
  • Ensure accuracy in all information provided to you both verbally and written.
  • Providing excellent levels of service both during the buying process and after the move in.
  • Providing customers with confidence to buy knowing you have the reassurance of the NHBC or LABC warranty.
  • Give customers with reliable information about the timing of construction, legal completion and handover of your Home.
  • Inform customers clearly about the after-sale services that we will provide upon completion.
  • Prior to completion we will ensure that the functions and facilities of the property are demonstrated to the customer.