Health & Safety

Montrose Developments believe that Health and Safety is our primary objective at all our sites and offices. We maintain that our staff, customers, business associates and of course, the public, is provided with a safe environment at all times.

Our Care.

We strictly monitor our development sites to ensure that all visitors are kept from harm when visiting operational sites, and for those who work on our sites we provide a comfortable and safe working environment with modern welfare facilities.

Satisfying Minimal Designs.

We believe that a safe environment is not only one in which there is an absence or a low number of serious injury incidents, but is the result of active participation by management and staff in identifying hazards and taking positive action to eliminate or control them. This thus ensures that the avoidance of accidents and the promotion of safe and healthy workplaces remains the common objective.

Aiming for the best.

As a business we strive to achieve our best at everything we do. That includes ensuring the safety of our employees, as that is where a lot of our value is added.


In order to meet this common objective, strategic initiatives have been developed which include:

1. Management Rules
2. Safe Working at Heights
3. Fire safety and training.
4. Health & Safety training.
5. Personnel protective equipment
6. Good Working practices